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Transforming Spaces with Glass & Art
We are committed to the art of glass and to synergy of all things beautiful
Quality Glass Supplier
Glass Interiors Provider
Decorative Glass Creator
Art & Design Service Provider
Unrivalled Passion for Glass and Art
We are a premier art+design studio that provides interior and architectural art glass solutions, bespoke lighting, installations, sculptures, features and murals, for indoor and outdoor spaces and supplies standard finishes, materials and glass elements to achieve excellent design concepts.

mission is to craft experiences that inspire wonder through our thoughtfully designed glass creations. Our name is synonymous with design innovation and quality, where every customer rediscover the beauty of glass through our craft.
Since the company’s formation in 1986, Synergraphic has remained at the forefront of cutting-edge design. Discover our heritage, discover us.
Synergraphic founder, Ms Florence Ng, had her first encounter with glass was in 1984, when she contracted, supplied and installed glass for windows. Eager to explore more, she flew to the biggest glass trade fair in Europe and the rest is history. 
Synergraphic is firmly dedicated to “The Art of Glass and All Things Beautiful’’. Visit our completed projects portraying our unrivalled passion for art and glass.
What We Do
We supply superior quality glass materials.
We supply a wide range of glass varieties and elements, from back painted glass, antique mirrors to handcrafted finishes.
We create functional glass interiors.
We create meticulously designed and artfully handcrafted doors, dividers and screens, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom and feature walls for your homes and offices.
We provide art and design professional services.
We are a team of artists and designers of diverse expertise offering end-to-end artwork production, consultancy, prototyping, installation and restoration services.
Feature Walls
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Providing high impact upgrade for your living spaces

Use accent walls to experiment with textures, shapes, colors, and patterns for your spaces.

It is the quickest way to change the atmosphere of your space, update your room, and make a stunning highlight in your home

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