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We are committed to the art of glass and to synergy of all things beautiful

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Glass Interiors

We supply superior quality glass materials.

We supply a wide range of glass varieties and elements, from back painted glass, antique mirrors to handcrafted finishes.

Atmosphere Bar

We create functional glass interiors.

We create meticulously designed and artfully handcrafted doors, dividers and screens, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom and feature walls for your homes and offices.

Glass Art

We provide art & design professional services.

We are a team of artists and designers of diverse expertise offering end-to-end artwork production, consultancy, prototyping, installation and restoration services.

Hotel Mi Rochor

Singapore  |  Feature Wall

Hotel Mi Rochor
Dancing Poppies, Changi Chapel Museum, Singapore
Dancing Poppies, Changi Chapel Museum Singapore (4) copy.jpg

Inspired by the vibrant energy of nature and the delicate beauty of blooming flowers, Synergraphic embarked on a design journey to capture the essence of movement and vitality in their artwork called, "Dancing Poppies". A fusion of art and history, "Dancing Poppies" emerges as a symbol of remembrance and resilience of the human spirit. This artwork finds its home within the hallowed halls of the Changi Chapel and Museum, where it stands as a beacon of hope for those who endured the trials of Changi Goal during the Japanese Occupation.

Earth Tales Vol. I
181028 - 003_NoKnife copy_edited.jpg
Earth Tales Vol. I
Collections, Earth Tales Vol. I
Collections, Earth Tales Vol. I
Specialty Products
Bianca Boards
Anti-glare surface for better writing or image definition
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The Home of Artisanal Glass Art Creations
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The Glass Academy
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