Feature Dividers

Curate personal and commercial spaces with elegant feature dividers.
Select from our range of finishes for varied textures, tones, translucency and privacy levels.

Free Standing Dividers by Synergraphic X StudioNorm

This set of dividers was debuted at the International Furniture Fair Singapore 2019 last month as part of the Nex Gen Urban Living showcase themed “The Bachelor’s Pad”.

Together with StudioNorm, Synergraphic created three free-standing dividers of two different glass finishes which elegantly separated the kitchen and living room spaces. We also showcased a kitchen backsplash and wardrobe doors together with OPSH that served the multifunctional, versatile space that supports the independence and amicability of a bachelor. 


· Glass: Big Chimes Gradual (Black)

  & Grey Glass Gradual (Mirror)

· Dimensions: W 500mm x H2000mm

· Customisation options

         · Glass from Patterned Glass
           & Gradient Mirror collections

         · Height, length & direction of gradient

         · Size

         · Metal finishes 


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