Earth Tales Vol II is our finest selection of rare gems and crystals, designed to bring alive the opulent beauty of natural stones close to man. The unique inherent colours, brilliance and swirls in every stone in this collection invite moments of awe and inspiration, and bring to remembrance the matchless glamor of creation.

From subtle neutral palettes to intricate sophisticated ones, stones from EARTH TALES VOL II can perfectly create a stunning or subdued atmosphere, or establish an adventurous or laidback mood. It can highlight a feature such as a countertop or backsplash, or fill an entire surface to complement the overall look and feel of a space.

Panels from the series are high quality prints on glass, making them a wonderful substitute for real stone in applications requiring lightweight properties such as skylights and lifts. Panels are also available for configuration in size, scale and orientation, as well as translucency and reflectivity, making them extremely versatile for a wide range of applications. As every piece is applied uniquely, these panels provide an alluring point of interest and continued source of inspiration for the home, office, retail, and hospital or hotel space.

The EARTH TALES VOL II is brought to you by passionate photographers who have journeyed to uncover mined gems and stones, and upon careful curating, polished and photographed each one in extremely high-resolution in order to preserve and perpetuate its beauty for all.

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