Livia Condominium


Water feature that interacts with weather's shifting light

Comprised of three inter linked circles, this sculpture interacts directly with the light of the sun. Oriented to face east/west in the rising and setting sun at least two of the circles of glass are illuminated while one remains in shadow. During the night it is lit internally by LED lights. Standing approximately man high the sculpture is impressive in scale and comprised of brushed aluminium and multiple sheets of high quality art glass.

In a playful touch, the creative team selected colours that when overlapped create a third colour, for example, although splashes of purple can be seen in the design no actual purple glass was used. As the sculpture stands in a reflecting pond, the lights and colours are further mingled by the gently moving waters. The purple is created by sunlight falling through layers of red and blue glass. Meanwhile, the three linked circles embody ideas of connectedness and community.

The result is an artwork that changes from moment to moment, reflecting the moods of the weather and interacting with the shifting light and generous warmth of the sun.

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