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Misty Willow, Singapore

Sandcarved and Printed Windows 
Private Residence

Designed and engineered to be a subtle, yet impressive feature, the “Misty Willow” casts an illusion of a willow tree sitting just outside the window of the dining area.

By leveraging on the translucent properties of glass, the feature achieved a trompe l’oeil effect through our signature combination of traditional and modern glass techniques including sandblasting, sandcarving, digital printing and lamination. The design team carefully placed the sketches and images in layers, and adjusted the right hues and gradations of light and shadow to create that optical illusion of depth.

As the feature would look different under varying lighting conditions, extensive experiments were conducted to determine the perfect density and tones to be used. The result: In the day, the sandblasted leaves are more visible, with depths of the veins visible. By night, with the blinds down and backlight on, the leaves disappear and their printed silhouettes emerge. 

Synergraphic’s team worked closely with DavidGrace Designs International to develop and produce this special feature.

The blown glass chandelier above the dining table, as well as the photographic prints onto special mirrors (right wall) were also produced by Synergraphic.

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