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Why Shift to Glass Backsplashes?

Here's a sweet knowledge about the different materials used for kitchen backsplashes. Let us help you make the best choice for your cooking kingdom. Glass panel backsplashes are a highly practical way of attaining a sleek and streamlined kitchen look. They can tie an entire kitchen together, or even add a pop of colour. GLASS VS TILES Although tiled backsplashes come in large variations, they have one common issue. Over time, the grout that holds the tiles together accumulates dirt and scum. The grooves in the tiles and the joints make cleaning tedious because you would have to scrub the joints to remove the grime. It is very tedious to clean and maintain. Whereas, the smooth surface of a glass backsplash is easy to clean after cooking. Tiled ones are more troublesome and time consuming when it comes to maintenance.

GLASS VS STONE Materials like natural stone or granite tend to be porous, hence requires sealing to stop them absorbing liquids and smells. Over time, the seal wears off and you need to reseal the backsplash to protect them. Moreover, chemicals in certain cleaning agents can further erode the sealing agent or the stones themselves. Glass, on the other hand, does not require sealing and works well with any cleaning agent. You would not need to be cautious with the cleaning agent you purchase or use, making cleaning more convenient. Natural stone would be higher maintenance than glass, especially for those who cook often.

GLASS VS STEEL Stainless steel backsplashes are increasingly popular these days, as they pair well with the industrial look and exude a professional image. However, like natural stones, stainless steel require careful selection of cleaning agents as certain chemicals would erode the stainless property of the material. Unlike glass, stainless steel is not scratch-resistant and may even dent easily.

Printed glass backsplash offers a larger variety of looks as compared to the rest of the materials, available in many images or patterns. Having compared glass with the other materials for kitchen backsplashes, you'd know why a shift is totally worth it!

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