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Our Glass Offerings

Wardrobe Collection

Stylish, practical choice for wardrobe doors

Patterned Glass

Imprinted patterns

Sandblasted Mirrors

Elegant frosted effect with a mirrored pop

Earth Tales Vol II

Finest selection of rare stones in glass


Decorative fragile designs in glass

Monochrome Muse

Dynamic, interlocking, geometrical patterns

Kilnformed Glass

Created using a warm glass working technique

Antique Glass

Custom antique art glass that evokes an otherworldly glow

Stacked Glass

Glass cut, layered and glued into sculptural forms and panels

Art Fibres

The character of fabrics on glass

Basic Glass

The precursor to all modern-day glass solutions

Gradients Collection

Gradations of color, mirror and patterns

Antique Mirrors

Reflective glass with a stunning vintage look

ATMOS Collection

A tranquil range of panoramic scenes

Peranakan Collection

Tile designs inspired by East Asian vintage deco


Gorgeous deep imprints in glass

Textured Glass

A series of evergreen textures

Glass Balls

Glass or crystal glass cast into the shape of balls in modular units


Multi-functional and decorative laminated glass

Satin Glass

Matt mirrors and clear acid-etched glass

Earth Tales Vol. I

Gems and stones in glass form

Eco Glass

Recycled glass that is as beautiful as it is strong

Talking Textiles

Singapore stories in glass art


Singapore culture and heritage-rich designs


Gilded glass that has a mirrored finish

Glass Bricks

Glass pieces that can be stacked in their modular units into indoor or outdoor features

Bevelled Glass

Clear and colored glass pieces

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