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Case Study:

The St Regis Singapore





Completed By




Fabricated By



Wilson & Associates

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Specific Materials Used


Glass Processes Used

Beveled Crystal Cut Glass, Stained Glass, Metal works


About the Project

Beveled Crystal Glass Flowers for Grand Entrance, designed by Wilson Associates. Together with the team at Wilson Associates, our creative team interpreted the flower feature designs into beautiful 3D beveled crystal features which glisten in the light as visitors walk up the grand entrance to the ballroom. Stained Glass Skylight for All Day Dining. The right selection of materials brings out the elegance and just the right amount of warmth that is befitting of a six star hotel. Our studio undertook the technical.



St Regis Singapore is a hotel whose interior design is evocative of the glamour and splendour of old New York: the marble tables, the tall glass French windows and the glass features. Here, Synergraphic had no small part to play in contributing to the making of this luxurious environment which has captivated guests worldwide. The company made and installed the three glass mosaiclike ceiling features from which hang three enormous chandeliers at the French restaurant Les Saveurs and also created the crystal glass rosettes embedded in the stained glass panels beside the grand staircase leading up to the ballrooms and the antique mirrors of the Grand Ballroom.

At Les Saveurs, diners have only to look and no doubt will be enchanted by the glory of the ceiling art, created to effect the look of stained glass using fine art glass, crystal glass flowers, and stainless steel frames. “There is something reminiscent of a cathedral here,” said Florence of the mood created.