People, Orion & Discovery

People, Orion & Discovery




Completed By



Florence Ng, Woo Meng Fye


Glass Processes Used

Bent Glass, Blown Glass, Sandcarved, Metal Works

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The 19th of June saw the official opening of Seagate Technology‘s new S$100 million dollar R&D center, and the completion of 3 stunning commissioned sculptural artworks – People, Orion and Discovery.

Conceptualized by Florence Ng and Woo Meng Fye, the proposed sculptures were commissioned by Seagate as they stood out in their concept, design and material choice. The artworks were found to aptly embody Seagate’s treasured values of innovation and cutting-edge technology: with their striking forms, vibrant colours, and the use of glass communicating modernity and unconventionality. Unlike more common materials such as bronze and stone, glass is especially compatible with lighting, resulting in artworks that are stunning both in the day and night.

Creating these sculptures was no easy feat. Given their unusual structures and the brittle nature of glass, our engineers went through a difficult but not impossible task of continuous research and testing, and were able to find best solutions in methods, fixing systems, frames, lighting and many other components to finally bring these sculptures to life!

by Florence Ng

No matter how technologically advanced we have become, there is still one thing we cannot do without: People.

A celebration of people as the source of innovation, “People” projects optimism and revelation of a new millennium that is ultimately shaped by the hands of humankind.

Like two open palms joined together in harmony, the sculpture embodies all that Seagate values: People, Customer Success, Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork, Openness, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Profitability.

As each human figure leans towards and connects in mutual trust and support, their glass heads light up brilliantly in that ‘eureka’ moment. Every head a different vibrant color, each person is valued as a unique contributor to the team with the boundless capacity to create.

by Woo Meng Fye

Embodying the spirit of the Greek hunter, Orion, this sculpture exemplifies focused and dedicated concentration of talent and resources, expressed by the singular circle of colored glass lights as a beacon of strength that gathers people as one.

A metal ribbon encircles the colored glass, representing oneness and unity of people that progresses together with the growth of its community.

Paralleling Orion’s shape and prominence in the Milky Way, the ribbon spirals outwards a catapult motion to complete an inverted S, signifying breakthrough innovation, influence and success.

by Woo Meng Fye

Discovery represents originality, newness and relevance.

Tightly interlinked rings of metal and colored glass signify unshakable bonds of relationship and teamwork that are the foundation of the organization, a necessary path for first-hand innovation.

Swift and smooth, the circular rings represent wholeness and infinity, continuity and steadfastness of Seagate as a center for innovation.

Kilnformed Glass

Artisanal Finishes