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Go Green Policy

At Synergraphic, we believe that every piece of glass can be given a second lease of life. 


In the supply trade of flat glass for the building industry, an estimated 10 to 25% of glass typically goes to waste as sheets of glass have to be cut to size for the various applications in interior or architectural spaces. At Synergraphic, we endeavour to reduce this waste by keeping the off-cuts of sheets, and then turning them into products of value. 

We have a program that enables our team of in-house and collaborating artists and designers to give glass new life through applying various glass techniques. For example, glass from our patterned glass collections are slumped in our kiln into other forms, turning them into functional yet beautiful items such as candle holders and platters. Antique mirrors are also re-purposed into precious coasters. Plain glass is layered into mysterious sculptures.

We also maintain limited stock levels and process our orders as they come so as to reduce waste. 

We are currently seeking to create an eco-system and connect with more partners who can ensure that higher levels of our glass (or yours) can be re-purposed into beautiful objects. If this resonates with you and you are seeking a partner in this mission, do reach out to us!

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Customisable antique, sandcarved, mirror, gilded, kilnformed glass finishes


Customisable sculptural elements to create functional or artistic forms

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Meticulously designed and artfully handcrafted elements for superb interiors

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Decorative patterns and textures for privacy and lighting control

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