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Florence Ng
Founder and Creative Director 
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About Us

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'Breaking boundaries in the industry of glass since 1986'

Florence at work on Uniquely Different f
Florence Ng
Founder and Creative Director

Florence was trained in Manual and Applied Arts in Baharuddin Vocational Institute in Singapore (1973 to 1975) . Her first encounter with glass was in 1984, when she contracted, supplied and installed glass for windows. Eager to explore more ways of creating art in glass, she flew to the biggest glass trade fair in Europe, held in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1990 and also travelled to Seattle, US, to learn the art of glass fusing and blowing from American artists. After all these acquired talents is when Synergraphic born of a demand for handmade glass that can be customized for homes and offices.

In 1993, Florence organized the first national art glass exhibition at the National Design Centre in Singapore. Titled “Passage of Evolution”.

Despite working with glass for more than twenty years, Florence remains extremely dedicated to this material, believing that there is more to glass that has yet to be explored. With new technology in the market, Florence continues to push the boundaries of the material with her unique eye for combining varied techniques and technology to execute her original concepts in glass.


What is Synergraphic

Synergraphic is a premier art+design studio that provides interior and architectural art glass solutions, bespoke lighting, installations, sculptures, features and murals for indoor and outdoor spaces. Striving to support ambitious architects, designers, brands and institutions globally to achieve breakthroughs in concept and design, Synergraphic seeks to use the fluidity of glass to create inviting features of all forms, functions, sizes and scales that are enduring and iconic to its clients’ personalities and brands. 

Since 1986, Synergraphic has created hundreds of features in glass and mixed media for projects in more than 15 countries, with landmark locations including St Regis Singapore, Partners Monument at Taipei 101 and the Crystal Pyramid in Brunei.

Our techniques include both hot, warm and cold work. Through collaboration with designers and architects and employing a dedicated team of skilled in house glass experts, Synergraphic has remained at the forefront of cutting edge design. Being able to access so much creativity and expert knowledge makes Synergraphic the ideal partner for companies in the architectural and interior design fields.


1986 — 1995

Synergraphic opens  as a design studio, exploring studio glass as a material for art and design. Florence and her team works from an artistic perspective, creating pieces that were handmade and on a small scale.

1996 – 2005

The second decade sees Synergraphic purchasing commercial space and expanding its workshop. There is a more systematic approach to the business, and clients such as decorators and architects have more design and make options for their decorating and construction projects.

2006 — 2015

With accumulated expertise and experience to work on complex projects that combined glass with other mediums, Synergraphic is recognized in the design industry for innovative solutions without compromising on creativity. The acquisition of a UV printer lends more options for printing text to photographs, even replicating textures such as stone on glass.

2016 — Present

In 2016, we celebrated our 30th anniversary with a retrospective exhibition and an Anniversary book to document thirty years of pioneering work in glass art. Since then we have been transforming the business inside out, with an emphasis on People in order to sustain and drive the growth of the business. While we continue to expand into other markets such as Sri Lanka, we have also been growing the residential segment in Singapore in our continuous endeavour to Transform Spaces with Glass and Art.
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