Curated and artfully designed finishes made from different processes including antique mirrors, patterned, laminated, printed and backpainted glass.

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Earth Tales

The Earth Tales Series is brought to you by passionate photographers who have journeyed to uncover mined gems and stones, and upon careful curating, polished and photographed each one in extremely high-resolution in order to preserve and perpetuate its beauty for all.

Earth Tales Vol. II

The Earth Tales Vol. II is a new series of 3 beautiful marble prints series with a European touch


LamiArt refers to glass laminated with beautiful substrates such as Japanese rice paper, fabrics, and mesh. These substrates are sealed between two layers of glass to accentuate their textures and colors, creating a sense of depth and elegance that endures.

Satin Glass

Beautiful matt mirrors and clear acid-etched glass with a subtle sheen that run linearly. Super smooth to the touch, it introduces an understated elegance to any interior space.

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Antique Mirrors

Italian handmade mirrors with strong vibrant colours or subtle tones, available in sheet, tile or mosaic format, suitable for use as wall mirrors, cladding, trims, consoles, etc.

Patterned Glass

Patterned Glass is made by pressing semi-molten glass between two metal rollers to imprint a pattern. It has texture on one side and is smooth on the reverse. It is lightweight, decorative and highly functional in transmitting diffused light while maintaining privacy.

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A delicate "mesh effect" that is suspended in various shades- it is decorative but can function to provide privacy.

Eco Glass

Recycled glass that is as beautiful as it is strong

Digital Print Collections

20181101_Peranakan Tiles (Square)
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Peranakan Collection

For that nostalgic charm, select from our very own range of Peranakan Tile designs inspired by East Asian vintage deco.Each tile has a distinctive form, but every one can enliven any modern space.

Synergraphic x Onlewo | ​安乐窝

A collection inspired by ​Singaporean heritage, spaces and culture, exclusively printed in glass

​Onlewo is an established Singaporean design studio that often collaborates with local designers to create a bespoke range of prints on various home decor items, from wallpapers to placemats.

Monochrome Muse

SynerG’s ritzy, geometric designs were inspired by Bridget Riley’s Iconic Black and white art deco, pop-art fashion prints and the chic homes on Calabasas’ hills. The repertoire of dynamic, interlocking, geometrical patterns are also reminiscent of Japanese brick layouts and greek key patterns; giving it a contemporary-ornamental quality that is charming, restful and glamorous.


Culture Collection

A range of patterns inspired by cultures and music of the world, 
available in various colour combinations and options

Atmos Collection

A tranquil range of panoramic scenes that bring the outdoors in. Open your windows to the natural world, right here in your private space.

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Synergraphic x Talking Textiles

A collaboration with Talking Textiles to offer unique designs inspired by our Singaporean heritage, places and culture, exclusively printed in glass.

Talking Textiles is an art studio founded by Deborah McKellar that produces artworks and textiles for interior spaces. As the name suggests, Talking Textiles aims to tell the stories of Singapore, highlighting its rich culture and heritage. 

Snowberry Collection

A gradient series that draws inspiration from sounds, scents and diurnal rhythms in nature. Our swatches reflect the same vivid gleam and charm from the source.

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