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Elevate interior design with glass

When we speak about interiors, the functional side of a design plays a huge role. The overall value of a space is not just measured by its aesthetic aspect, but is also judged by the function and utilitarian purposes it serves. Artistic aesthetics are combined with practical usability. Functional elements become conversation pieces. Functional Art is the fusion of beauty and purpose in architecture. Our versatile range of functional designs are devoted to curating a space that is distinctively yours.

Meticulously designed and artfully handcrafted elements for superb interiors.

Thumbnail_Glass Interiors-01.jpg
Feature Wall

Statement walls that break the monotony of a space

Thumbnail_Glass Interiors-01.jpg

Customizable doors for a variety of private and public spaces

Thumbnail_Glass Interiors-01.jpg
Feature Divider

Elegant feature dividers for personal and commercial spaces

Thumbnail_Glass Interiors-01.jpg
Kitchen Backsplashes

Embellished finishes for wholistically artistic yet fully-functional kitchen

Thumbnail_Glass Interiors-01.jpg

Outdoor, misty or luxurious ambiance for the bathroom

Thumbnail_Glass Interiors-01.jpg

Distinct talking pieces for all living spaces

Thumbnail_Glass Interiors-01.jpg
Feature Window

Decorative windows to elevate space aura

Thumbnail_Glass Interiors-01.jpg

Glass furniture including glass dining tables, glass coffee tables and more.

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