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Vision and Mission
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Our vision

We aspire to become a revolutionary Glass Design Brand synonymous with design innovation and quality, where every customer rediscover the beauty of glass through our craft.

Our mission

Our mission is to craft experiences that inspire wonder through our thoughtfully designed glass creations.

Beyond just designing beautiful products, we bring together function and beauty to create moments of delight while catering to modern lifestyle needs.

Leadership in Innovative Design

We have been at the forefront of innovative and groundbreaking glass artwork in Singapore for the past 35 years. We are responsible for milestone moments in Singapore’s glass art history such as the setting up the first hot glass studio, introducing LamiArt to the market and pioneering the use of fused glass in commercial projects.


The heart of Synergraphic is the artistic drive to invent and remain open to new inspirations that allows us to stay fresh; not just in terms of ideas, but also in techniques and materials.

Proven Record of Credible Service

We have worked on international projects in over 15 countries and is known for its high-profile projects with clients such as UOB, the Pan Pacific Hotel, the Sultan of Brunei and more.


We have been commissioned for projects that call for creations that can stand the test of time or that require us to think out of the box in order come up with an innovative solution to a seemingly overwhelmingly design challenge.

Unrivalled Skillset and Expertise

Over the course of 30 years, market trends shift and computers have taken over numerous processes while certain skills such as sandblasting and working with stained glass remain manual undertakings. We retain our unique market position in terms of experience, understanding client needs and offering customized solutions, by employing our lifelong earned skills and blend them with modern developments.

Quality Manufacturing Capabilities

We have a pool of skilled workers and artisans who work at our fully-equipped production facilities in Singapore, enabling us to carry out vast range of glass processes from gilding to digital printing with ensured quality within the project time frame.

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Vast Glass Options

We offer a wide range of in-stock and custom glass varieties, with over 500 specialty and architectural glass finishes and elements.

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