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The UN General Council appointed 2022 to be the International Year of Glass (IYOG). The Year will celebrate the essential role glass has in society. Sara Ang, in the capacity of Singapore Glass Association, spearheaded the celebration of IYOG in the country. Sara is the Director of Synergraphic Design, the company who has pio-neered and facilitated the growth of glass art industry in Singapore. 

The main event of IYOG in Singapore is Through the Looking Glass, a glass art exhibition that seeks to raise awareness on the glass art scene here, and encourage the growth of this community.


Through the Looking Glass is an exhibition featuring 18 glass artists from Singapore, presenting 49 artworks across a wide range of glassmaking techniques. Organised by the Singapore Glass Association, in conjunction with GLASSTECH ASIA 2022, this exhibition is put together to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime International Year of Glass 2022 in Singapore, and to inspire others through the creative expression of glass.

This is the second time since 1993 that a glass art exhibition of this scale is organised, showcasing both pioneer artists who have been creating glass artworks for almost 40 years, and aspiring ones who are fresh in their career. Artworks span murals, installations and sculptures created using traditional techniques such as stained glass, blown glass, engraving, to modern techniques such as printing and lamination.

The artworks tell stories of tension, breakthrough and harmony as part of our human experience, and show what sustainable life looks like through the lens of our local artists.

Register here to visit the exhibition.

Through the Looking Glass Exhibition Details


Day 1, 26 October 2022    9am to 8pm 
Day 2, 27 October 2022     9am to 6pm 
Day 3, 28 October 2022    9am to 5pm 



Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Level 1 Hall C



27 Oct, 10am - 12nn

  1. Sara Ang 
  2. B. Jane Cowie
  3. Tan Sock Fong 
  4. Vijayakumar K R


Stephanie Kwok

Synergraphic artists Florence Ng, Peter Brown and Sara Ang
will be showcasing their artworks at the exhibition.

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Sara Ang.png
Peter Brown.png
Sara Presentation BG.jpg

Director, Synergraphic

Sara Ang

10am, 27 Oct 2022

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@ Through the Looking Glass Exhibition Artist Conference



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