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Add the Joy of the Outdoors in your Cooking Abode

Nature in my kitchen? Yes, that's right! You can infuse nature in your kitchen with glass art. Glass panel backsplashes are a highly practical way of attaining a sleek and streamlined kitchen look. They can tie an entire kitchen together and even add a pop of colour to a simple kitchen.

Instead of a plain glass backsplash, using printed glass would reflect breathtaking nature scenes or create an earthy feel. Synergraphic's Stone and Atmos Collections feature images ranging from mountainscapes to marble and the cross section of onyx that will totally change the atmosphere in your cooking area. Why not tiles? Tiles can have creative designs, too. Although tiled backsplashes comes in large variations and design, they have one common issue. Over time, the grout that holds the tiles and the joints makes cleaning tedious because you would have to scrub the joints to remove grime. Whereas, the smooth surface of a glass backsplash makes it easy to clean after cooking. As compared to a glass panel, tiled ones are more troublesome and time consuming to clean. If glass can have both the world of function and aesthetics, then there should not be any second thoughts about choosing one for your kitchen!

To learn more about having a unique and refreshing kitchen backsplash, email us at

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