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Florence Ng

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Glass Bricks - Glass Elements

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Made using cast glass blocks assembled into an overall figure of 8. Each glass block is of different sizes and colors, with some dichroic accents which ripple with the changing viewing angle. Metal wires are also woven through the sculpture.



From the desired design intent, we proposed a sculpture that had a dynamic form featuring the intricate weaving of glass or metal held within an abstracted silhouette of the figure ‘8’. This would be an interpretation of the weaving of lives at the residence’s namesake ‘The Tapestry’, located at … Glass blocks would be used to create a beautiful array of colors that catch the light and ripple against the reflection of the water.

As part of the sculpture development, we would produce a small model to get a sense of the form and fabrication method. In the process of creating the metal structure, we were able to devise a modular way of using metal components to create the organic twisted shape.

The glass blocks were made of cast glass that had a subtle wavy texture on the surface to ripple with and against the light. To fill the sculpture, every size and shape of the individual glass had to be different. Colors of the glass were carefully selected to create a gentle yet unmistakeable gradient from pink to purple, with some having dichroic coating to sparkle in the light.

Careful calculation and diligent project management was required to ensure that every piece was made and located at exactly the correct place it was designed to be in. It was fully installed in the factory, dismantled, transported, then re-installed at site.

Once the main structure was fixed at site, our expert team of installers were able to quickly install the glass pieces section by section. We then weaved metal string through the glass blocks as a finishing touch to complete the beautiful sculpture. What made our day was new residents who stopped to admire the work and complimented us for a unique sculpture that they could come home to every day.