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New Place, New Era

Sand & Sky

It has been 27 years since we first stepped into this once new and now old factory in Changi. This was the home of so many ideas that through hard work and dedication, we were able to turn to reality. This place gave us endless opportunities to express our love for art and carry forward our passion for the medium of glass. We had 27 wonderful, brilliant years here. And we will be eternally grateful for this home.

Yet, time has come when we need to move to another place as we assess where we are at present to give way to where our dreams want to take us. We made a lot of explorations and each one has become a learning milestone that will always be with us no matter what. We have gained much and loved everything this glass art adventure has taught us. And so now, we want to harness all our learnings and make them all work better. We will enhance the production floor structure, streamline our products and services, and build better disciplined processes in our new place.

We are fully committed to keep the love for glass and art burning inside us.

Pink Blossom

Pink Blossom

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