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Floating Origami




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About the Project

Origami-Inspired illuminated Water Feature. The brief was to create a sculpture that appeared like a lantern that was floating on the water. Based on the concept of 16 squares and 32 triangles, our creative team identified a form that would look beautiful and delicate on the reflecting pool of Scotts Square Condominium. Joining the panels at many angles was not an easy feat, and required the skill of our craftsmen to get the angles of the glass right, piece by piece.



Can glass be folded? Can something so brittle be made to look like it was origami-ed into a life-sized paper sculpture? Florence was approached to create an artwork that could be lit in the night for the water feature of a luxury condo at Scotts Square in the Orchard Road shopping belt. She was however inspired to create origami sculptures made of white opalescent glass. At night, these would be lit from within and glow like floating lanterns in the dark. Undaunted by the idea of translating the Japanese art of paper-folding into a medium as hard as it was exacting to construct, Florence decided to form glass into the shapes you see here, which are, as she describes, “the essence of origami’s simplicity.”