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Nostalgia on glass: Exclusive backsplash designs by SynerG and Talking Textiles celebrate Singapore’s history

Sand & Sky
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Interior glass company SynerG has collaborated with mixed-media artist Deborah McKellar to create a special collection of kitchen backsplash designs inspired by the sights of Singapore from decades ago. Deborah, founder of local art studio Talking Textiles, pays homage to multicultural prints, traditional architecture and other elements unique to the island of Singapore in a range of designs that evoke the old world glamour of local landmarks like the iconic Raffles Hotel.

The SynerG x Talking Textiles Collection features six distinct designs that incorporate cultural motifs such as Chinese silks and Indian sari’s interpreted through the lens of Deborah’s South African roots. This exclusive collection is part of SynerG’s partnership with local artists to bring art into everyday spaces, especially in homes, where any plain glass area can be transformed into a canvas for personal expression and functional areas double as design features in space-scarce apartments.

This is also where form meets function, with the glass backsplash's strength and its heat- and grime-resistant properties making it easy to clean, while its modern, sophisticated aesthetic transforms the look and feel of a standard kitchen. Most designs are also available in a range of soothing, pastel colours that are on trend and would add a touch of sophistication to any home.

Pink Blossom

About the Designs

1. Traveller’s Palm
The Traveller's Palm design was inspired by the lush plants that surround the Raffles Hotel. The growing branches of this fan-shaped palm is said to “travel” depending on the direction of the sun, with each new branch turning either toward or away from the sun, hence its name.

2. Long Bar Fan
The Long Bar Fan design was inspired by the ceiling fans found at the Raffles Hotel's famous Long Bar.

3. Bamboo
The Bamboo design is reminiscent of Chinese ink paintings.

4. Sari Wave
This design was inspired by the motifs used in sari fabric.

5. Dotted Wave
The dotted wave design was inspired by the inky dots used in some batik designs.

6. Singapore Treasures

Pink Blossom

The most artistic design of the lot, the Singapore Treasures backsplash features elements that hark back to the Straits Settlements, a group of British territories in Southeast Asia. Singapore became part of the Straits Settlements in 1826, before it was named a Crown colony in 1867. Singapore grew exponentially during this time, establishing itself as an important trading post and welcoming an influx of immigrants from all over the world seeking a brighter future.

The Straits Settlements stamp in this artwork is based on an actual postage stamp in circulation from 1937 to 1941. Featuring King George VI, this is the last stamp series of the Straits Settlements. The abstract blue, watery splashes of ink in the backsplash design evoke the sea and the surrounding waters, which made Singapore flourish as an island entrepôt in the early days. The story of European explorers arriving on the tropical island of Singapore with all its beautiful flora and fauna is expressed through this artwork.

SynerG is Synergraphic’s curated range of glass panel solutions for your home, official and commercial needs. Ranging from simple patterned glass, antique mirrors and LamiArt to ready graphics for printing on glass, you are sure to find inspiration and solutions for your specific project requirements.

SynerG is one of the few brands in Singapore that offer kitchen backsplashes and other types of interior glass with a wide variety of designs, including options for customisation. The brand aims to help homeowners turn a usually plain area of their home into a design canvas or feature, adding a personal touch to the overall look and feel of their home.

More details can be found at

Sara is a Director at Synergraphic Design Pte Ltd, a company specialising in art and design in glass for interior and architectural applications. Since graduating from the Singapore Management University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management six years ago, she has joined her mother, veteran Singaporean glass artist Ms Florence Ng, at the company to run and chart new courses for the business. Like her mother, Sara is passionate about finding synergies between art, design and function in the versatile medium of glass and with other materials, as well as making glass in its myriad applications more accessible to all. With Sara at the helm, Synergraphic Design has since launched SynerG, a curated range of glass panel solutions for the gamut of interior needs, from residential spaces to commercial and office developments.
As an undergraduate at SMU, Sara's passion for engaging audiences through art saw her spearhead a visual arts exhibition that brought art to the students' doorstep by installing works in the everyday spaces of the campus. An accomplished artist in her own right, having helmed exhibitions of her own artworks previously, Sara also has the distinction of being the youngest member of the Design Business Chamber Singapore's Executive Committee at the age of 29.

Talking Textiles is an art studio founded by Deborah McKellar that produces artworks and textiles for interior spaces. As the name suggests, Talking Textiles aims to tell the stories of Singapore, highlighting its rich culture and heritage. For more information, please visit

Deborah McKellar (b.1981 Johannesburg, South Africa) completed her postgraduate studies in 2006 with a Master of design, Majoring in Textiles at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Australia. Prior to this she obtained a BA (HONS) Fine Arts majoring in painting in 2005 at LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts Singapore.
Today, she is a practising textile artist and designer who has made Singapore her home. Deborah's textile artworks are characterised by their bold colours, layers of stitch, remnants of fabric, silk screened images and printed patterns.
Having exhibited in Singapore, Australia and South Africa, Deborah continues to be inspired by Singapore's exotic and bustling city with its juxtaposition of old and new.

Deborah is the founder of Talking Textiles, which produces textile products and artworks for interior spaces. She also lectures in Fashion Textiles part-time at the LASALLE College of the Arts.

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