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Synergraphic Design Offers the Market a Revolutionary Advancement in Whiteboards

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Singapore, Singapore, 04 Sep 2020 – Internationally renowned art+design studio and glass expert, Synergraphic Design PTE LTD (Synergraphic), offers the market a more refined, functional and stylish whiteboard solution. The company recently launched Bianca Board, a highly-hygienic, dry-erase writing glassboard and a high-definition projection surface in one.

Synergrahic’s Director, Ms Sara Ang, shared their motivation on taking whiteboards another level up.

“We at Synergraphic recognized the growing popularity of glassboards as an alternative to traditional notice boards and whiteboards. As the demand for quality glassboards remains high, we felt that we can offer the market not only a more refined and functional solution for this but also a stylish and highly hygienic one, especially at this period when health and cleanliness is a primary concern,” Sara shared.

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Bianca Board can be considered a revolutionary advancement in glassboards. It serves different functionalities of writing, projecting and posting without compromising the aesthetic aspect of a space. It has a modern look, is available in different colors and sizes, and is equipped with a clean mounting system, able to fit in with any interior design. Glass used is low-iron (extra-clear) for supreme clarity. It does not come with the usual green tint seen in glass. It is tempered and its edging is flat-polished.

“We identified four major strengths of the Bianca Board. It is space-saving and multi-functional. It offers a smooth writing surface and ensures crisp image projection with its anti-glare feature. And, it is highly hygienic. We used micro-etched surface technology on our glass to help avoid accumulation and growth of bacteria,’’ shared Sara.

One unique feature of the Bianca Board is that it is highly hygienic. “This is a major concern nowadays, especially given the Covid-19 situation. Requirement for cleanliness and hygiene has gone farther up. Every surface has to be sanitized. Our glassboard provides that extra protection against bacteria growth, because of the micro-etched technology,” Sara added.

Pink Blossom

Synergraphic offers Bianca Board as standalone glassboard unit mounted on wall in three standard sizes –
W1000mm x H700mm; W2000mm x H1100mm; and W3000mm x H1000mm. Sizes can also be customised to perfectly fit the customer’s space and requirements as well, including entire wall areas. The board can also be integrated into interior spaces, furniture like meeting tables and desks, and fixtures such as full walls, doors and partitions. “This is where this product becomes more exciting. It can be used in various applications, can be customized in size and in color. It can just make every fixture or furnishing even more functional,” highlighted Sara.

Believing that there’s only infinite possibilities in glass, Synergraphic remains committed in coming up with glass solutions to meet the needs of the market. “Our experience with glass allows us to continue producing flexible solutions for all living spaces. We want to remain innovative with our products and to keep on releasing variety of functional art,” ended Sara.

Synergraphic is a premier art+design studio that provides interior and architectural art glass solutions, bespoke lighting, installations, sculptures, features and murals for indoor and outdoor spaces. Since the company’s formation in 1986, Synergraphic has remained at the forefront of cutting edge design, having created hundreds of features in glass and mixed media for projects in more than 15 countries - including St Regis Singapore, Partners Monument at Taipei 101 and the Crystal Pyramid in Brunei.

Synergraphic also provides a wide range of standard finishes, materials and glass elements to achieve excellent design concepts; and delivers interior pieces to make functional spaces work without compromising beauty. Our services include consultancy, art and design, prototyping, sourcing, installation, and more. We are committed to continually finding new means to increase the value of all kinds of spaces through glass and art. Synergraphic is firmly dedicated to “The Art of Glass and All Things Beautiful”, and is the ideal partner for architects, designers and artists seeking to turn their visions into reality.

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