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Synergraphic Design Strengthens Market Presence with the Unveiling of Its Newest Artisanal Glass Interior Decoration and Furnishings Arm

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Singapore, Singapore, 26 October 2020 - Internationally renowned art+design studio and glass expert, Synergraphic Design PTE LTD (Synergraphic) is moving its product innovation and market presence another level up this year – having set off the launch of their newly-established interior decoration and furnishings arm, ArtéGlas.

ArtéGlas has recently launched its first line of decorative artworks and furnishings, with glass being the prime material for all products, branding itself as the home of premium artisanal interior decoration and furnishings in Singapore. What makes it unique from all other interior decors and furniture providers is Synergraphic’s artisanal advantage and their 34 over years expertise with glass art.

“The craftmanship, design and unique blend of techniques used in our every product are what set us apart from the rest. Each ArtéGlas piece has a story to tell, most are crafted by a highly-skilled artisan in our workshop here in Singapore,” said Sara Ang, Director of Synergraphic design and daughter of Florence Ng, Singapore veteran glass artist and founder of Synergraphic Design.

Highlighting their edge in glass art, Sara shared, “The passion for glass that my mom and her craftsmen have cannot be rivalled. They have dedicated decades of their lives to it. My goal by launching ArtéGlas is to make the beauty of this glass art accessible to all living spaces, even just through a plate centrepiece, a sculpture or a lighting piece.”
The first batch of furnishings launched by ArtéGlas this November includes partitions and glassboards while pioneer décor collections include accessories, candle holders, vases, mirrors and lightings. Wall art and sculptures are also now available, as well as dining ware such as plates, bowls and serving dishes. ArtéGlas is also releasing their Christmas Collection named Yuletide Charms this month, which comprises perfect glass art designs for the holiday season.

“All our products offer fine craftmanship and versatility to deliver both function and beauty. They are not mass-produced but are intricately handmade. Our product portfolio is a showcase of Synergraphic’s production capabilities together with our love for art,” Sara said.

Sara also specified three major services that ArtéGlas extends. “Besides launching our products online through our e-commerce platform, we also offer 3 major services under ArtéGlas. We create meticulously designed and artfully handcrafted doors, dividers and screens, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom and feature walls for homes and offices. We also collaborate with artists and designers to help them bring their concepts into reality. And lastly, we offer bespoke and custom-made options to our customers who want unique pieces for their spaces.

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Bespoke Options at ArtéGlas

Branded commercial pieces sometimes do not meet specific owners’ requirements, such as the size and colour. Hence, customisation is the only option to create a piece that fits their space based on a similar concept. “The affection in creating bespoke art works had been around for centuries. We at ArtéGlas have committed to ensure that this wonderful artistry across decorative arts and furnishings stays in this generation and the many next. Our joy is to provide an art piece exclusively handcrafted for our clients,” said Sara.

Synergraphic’s projects range from modest customizations to major bespoke art installations for private residences and hospitality industry. One of their most recent bespoke pieces is a blown glass chandelier.
“The homeowner was looking for a distinctive lighting piece for her dining room that would enliven her new family home. The owners expressed a love for blown glass art by Chihuly and in particular loved the bright red, orange and yellow hues and wanted these for their home. Our team was then commissioned to exercise our artistic discretion to produce a sculptural art lighting that came together like a beautiful glass flower bouquet,” shared Sara.
“Our workshop fabricated a metal structure to provide the main form, and we then added on the flowers and glass elements one by one. The result was a stunning masterpiece that truly reflected the homeowners’ tastes; a real art investment piece for the home,” she added.

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LamiArt on Spotlight
Along with the launch of ArtéGlas is putting the spotlight on one of Synergraphic’s bestseller glass finishes, LamiArt.
“Interestingly, many of the glass collections that we had offered in early 2000s are now becoming popular again. These include patterned glass and laminated art glass,” said Sara.

The term, LamiArt, has been widely used in the design industry since Synergraphic launched it in 1999. “LamiArt refers to glass laminated with beautiful substrates such as Japanese rice paper, fabrics, and mesh. These substrates are sealed between two layers of glass to accentuate their textures and colors, creating a sense of depth and elegance that endures,” described Sara. LamiArt can be customised in various colours and opacities, depending on the client’s design and application requirements. Thus, it has been a go-to option for distinctive commercial interiors, including high-end hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces.

“LamiArt will also be featured and widely used across various products released through ArtéGlas. This is definitely another factor that makes ArtéGlas more exciting,” expressed Sara.

Synergraphic is a premier art+design studio that provides interior and architectural art glass solutions, bespoke lighting, installations, sculptures, features and murals for indoor and outdoor spaces. Since the company’s formation in 1986, Synergraphic has remained at the forefront of cutting edge design, having created hundreds of features in glass and mixed media for projects in more than 15 countries - including St Regis Singapore, Partners Monument at Taipei 101 and the Crystal Pyramid in Brunei.

Synergraphic also provides a wide range of standard finishes, materials and glass elements to achieve excellent design concepts; and delivers interior pieces to make functional spaces work without compromising beauty. Our services include consultancy, art and design, prototyping, sourcing, installation, and more. We are committed to continually finding new means to increase the value of all kinds of spaces through glass and art. Synergraphic is firmly dedicated to “The Art of Glass and All Things Beautiful”, and is the ideal partner for architects, designers and artists seeking to turn their visions into reality.

Artéglas by Synergraphic is the home of artisanal and functional glass decor pieces and furniture in Singapore. Artéglas collections offer fine craftmanship and divine versatility to deliver function and beauty for all living spaces. It shares Synergraphic’s vision - to transform spaces with glass and art - and to make a point of difference in the way people live by giving an artisanal touch to their living spaces. All Artéglas products are marked with finest craftmanship and artisanal skills, and display the limitless possibilities in glass.

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