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Synergraphic presents Ash Yeo in NAFA Exhibition

Sand & Sky
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Synergraphic presents Yeo Yeok Seng, Ash, in moved., an exhibition that showcases a range of creative works by artists and designers under the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) 3D Design Programme. As an artisan glass designer and maker, Synergraphic strongly supports and collaborates with artists and designers to ceaselessly challenge the boundaries of glass in different disciplines in order to discover new fluidities in the material.

Pink Blossom

The artwork titled ‘This is not a code’, is designed as Functional Art, as a type of meaningful functional object (in this case a Master KeyPress Holder, or Artwork concealing a home security safe, or a bathroom cabinet), which also captures a reflective human aspect of contemporary philosophy about essential connection between language and soul. Using a variety of cold glass-working processes including bevelling, gluing, drilling of mirror and dichroic glass, Synergraphic is proud to support Ash in bringing the concept to life.

Pink Blossom

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Singaplural - Collaboration with Cellini & Ngee Ann Polytechnic

IFFS Nex Gen Urban Living Showcase 2019

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