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Synergraphic Sponsors SIA60 Gold Medal Award Trophies; Sculpture Portrays Convergence of Nature and Human Intervention

Sand & Sky
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This sculpture emerges from fusing exquisite, high-quality glass sourced from the United States. It stands as a testament to artisanal skill, featuring an intricate tapestry of beautiful patterns nestled within. As light dances across its surface, shimmering sparkles come to life, revealing hidden gems and delicate swirls that evoke a sense of wonder.

Pink Blossom

The sculpture resonates with the natural forces that shape our earth. Two towering pillars rise from its base, each adorned in colors symbolizing the prime elements of the Earth - yellow/brown for earth, red for fire, and blue for water. Like how molten lava flows and swirls according to the earth's natural rhythm and how it is sealed into its final creation when has cooled down, so is the way of architecture. It captures the harmony between nature's artistry and human intervention - thus, resulting in a wondrous fusion of the organic and the sculpted. The hues blend seamlessly, symbolizing the symbiotic relationship between humanity and the natural world. Contrasting colors find balance, a reflection of the beautiful synergy that arises when human intervention and nature coexist. The poem engraved on the base of the glass captures this message in writing.

Lava blooms in time
Mantle is formed, then passed on,
Summits of glory

Interestingly, the poem and the sculpture also narrate the story of the poem’s composer, Sara Ang, Director of Synergraphic Design, and the sculpture’s artist, Florence Ng, the Founder and Creative Director of Synergraphic Design. Florence is a veteran glass artist from Singapore who rallies to uphold the artistry of glass in the country and the region. Both the poem and the sculpture exemplify Sara and Flo’s collaborative harmony in preserving the craftsmanship of glass. They tell the story of a mother and child, who share the same passion and vision in their chosen craft and also paint a picture of leadership and succession within the family. The poem and the sculpture illustrate the originator passing the baton to the second-generation leader, who is to preserve and make rich the legacy of their craft.

Pink Blossom


Sara and Florence unite their creative visions, converging their talents onto a single canvas. Florence, an illustrator, starts her creation visually in form, color, and movement, while Sara, puts words to emotion and thought. Together, they bring concepts and ideas to life, telling story through their combined creation. With each of their distinct styles and perspectives, they embark on a shared journey, weaving their individual artistry into a powerful whole.

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