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Glass for your Living Spaces

The role of glass in interior architecture

All the Wonders Glass does to Your Living Spaces

Glass has been extensively used in windows, pool fences, facades, and many other exterior applications. But today, it is also gaining popularity as a versatile material for interior design and architecture. More and more people are falling in love with modern and contemporary styles. Perhaps this is the reason many builders and designers are seeing glass as a great material for modern living spaces.

Glass is actually very useful and can be used in a myriad of ways to add beauty and functionality to your home. They make sleek walls and partitions and even as chic components of furniture such as tables and chairs. They are also incorporated in various interior styles and decorative features.

What really makes glass a great material for interior applications and design? Here are some of the qualities that explain the popularity of glass for these purposes.


Transparency is undoubtedly one of the best qualities of glass. It allows light in, making it a great material in areas where natural light is abundant. In addition, it allows visual continuity. This quality makes spaces look and feel more open and larger. This is why glass is often incorporated in the interiors of smaller rooms.


Glass can also be used in areas and spaces that require some level of privacy. It is available in different thickness and transparency levels. You can find them in translucent forms. Some are etched, textured or even printed, while others come in a wide variety of colors. Whatever level of privacy or style you need for your interior installation, you can find a suitable glass type.


The natural sleekness of glass lends an air of modern aesthetic to a space. They make professional-looking partitions for home offices and hygienic and flawless countertops for a contemporary kitchen.


Unlike most materials, glass does not require regular maintenance and costly upkeep. A run of a squeegee can make a glass wall or partition look good as new. This is simply not the case with other materials such as concrete and wood that are prone to stains and scratches and have to be repainted or coated every once in a while.

Glass is truly a wonderful interior material. It has excellent qualities that allow for a wide range of applications, offering the perfect balance of style and utility for your abode.

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