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How to make the Perfect “New Normal” Home Workstation

Make the best home workstation for the new normal

The new normal is upon us and many workers are adjusting to their work-from-home arrangements. The changes and adjustments brought about by the coronavirus pandemic have been causing stress to many of them. The good news is there are many ways for home-based workers to embrace the new normal without letting stress get in the way.

A good way to start is by setting up an efficient home workstation, which is as easy as N-O-R-M-A-L. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your work station ready for the new normal.


Start by finding the best room or area to set up your workstation. Even if you already have a home office, consider choosing an ideal area to place your desk or table. Go for a spot that is quiet and far from distractions.


To make the area conducive for work, set up proper lighting and ventilation. Natural light typically works best, but if you need artificial lighting, make sure the brightness is just enough to prevent eye fatigue. For ventilation, nothing beats fresh outdoor air so open that window!


Find a desk or table with enough space for your computer, phone, and other essential office supplies. Match it with an ergonomic chair so you can sit comfortably and prevent strain. Try workstation tools like monitor mount, laptop riser, and external keyboard and mouse for your convenience.


Remove all sorts of clutter and unimportant stuff from your workstation. Use storage such as small drawers to keep unessential belongings out of sight. Place a bin nearby for your trash.


Virtual work setup does not always mean a paperless workstation. Organize your papers according to use and importance. Use a tray for files that you would use for the day and keep the others on folders or envelopes.


Labels help you save time and energy when finding something from your computer files or file drawers. Give your computer files clear and detailed filenames and sort them into properly labeled folders. Same applies with your physical files. Consider labeling drawers as well so you can access things quick.

Making the perfect home workstation for the new normal is easier when you consider your needs and focus on how you can stay productive. Just remember N-O-R-M-A-L and you will be able to make your workstation as conducive and efficient as possible. A positive work-from-home experience starts with a great workstation setup so keep the above-mentioned tips in mind.

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How to make the Perfect “New Normal” Home Workstation


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