Synergraphic Design at SIDFest 2021: Optimised Optimism

Synergraphic Design PTE LTD (Synergraphic) recently took part in SIDFest (Singapore Interior Design Festival) 2021. Located in National Design Centre, SIDFest 2021 celebrated the theme of Optimised/Optimism and invited designers to create work using the tools of their trade. Among its aims is to celebrate the innovation and creations of the design community even through this challenging time. There, Synergraphic unveiled its latest work in collaboration with Yume Architects: Kasumi Shizuku.

Kasumi, meaning distant mist and Shizuku, meaning droplets, are glass pieces inspired by natural elements. The base artwork is painted meticulously by hand and manipulated using mathematical algorithms. The end result is a beautiful piece with a unique human-machinic touch that changes under different lighting conditions. As the light shifts, the landscape changes with it.

Synergrahic’s Director, Sara Ang, also presented via a virtual webinar, “Transforming Spaces with Glass & Art”. She presented valuable insights on the material of glass and its new possibilities for design, having to use it with other medium.


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