Make Your Home Christmas-ready

Perfect mood boards for the season

Mood boards. Have you seen one before? Certainly. But in case you're unaware what these boards exactly are for, they can make your home ready for all seasons. For starters, a mood board is a tool to define your own style. It lets you picture what you like and dislike collectively and see the common denominator. By using a mood board, you can plan the arrangement of materials, images, and text before decorating your home.

Continue reading to check out some mood boards and interior design ideas for Christmas. Before you even buy wreaths, ribbons, glittery pillowcases, here are four inspirations:



Can't wait for winter? No winter in your country? Doesn't matter - you can have winter in your house! To achieve this look, you'll need a frosted or flocked Christmas tree and a soft color palette of pale pinks, light grays, creamy whites, and champagnes. Add some ruffles and white lights, and achieve a chippy wood, glitter, or faux fur texture.


Minimalist much? Too in love with Nordic neutral colours? This mood board is perfect for you. What you need are the classic green Christmas tree, white or bubble lights, and some candles. Keep it neutral with creamy whites, greens, browns, and pale grays. For elements, greenery garlands, deer sheds, and pinecones would be easy to find at any decor shops. Texture? Choose linen, wood, burlap, wicker, cable knit, faux fur, and felt.


Go all out and do farmhouse Christmas this year! This cozy style requires jute, burlap, grosgrain, galvanized metal, and brown craft paper for texture. You need to decorate your green frosted or flocked Christmas tree with white lights and farmhouse animal ornaments. Then, have pineco